Yiqifa Skype domestic long-distance openingEntrepreneurs War learned martial arts sold to A and T

in the same year, Tencent also spent $6000 invested in good music to buy, $84 million 400 thousand invested elong. Group buying, electricity providers, online travel, are brutal competition in the market, start-up companies in batches and die, these companies although there is no final winner, but the founder has been able to return.

is talking about it now, and Zhou Wei is still a little lucky. Compared to the time of the handle, Wowo, Gaopeng is from start to finish, eventually sold to Tencent.

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from 2010 to 2013, stocks experiencing unusually cold spell. In December 2010, when Dangdang listed, media envy, "Li Guoqing cash $20 million 800 thousand."". But by March 2012, when vip landed at the NYSE, it had become "bleeding on the market"".

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start this business, and earn money, it can not be lost.

by the middle of 2014, one hundred or two hundred companies went ashore because of BAT’s acquisition. Data show that Tencent since listing, spent 53 billion 700 million yuan acquisition of 80 companies, of which 98% occurred in 2010 after.

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to China’s Internet business circles, this sentence has been interpreted as: learned martial arts, sold to BAT sh419, Ali, Tencent.

"pangjuan night walk" Maling road start point out the path of ancient people: "learn martial arts meritorious, goods and imperial family. Emperors do not need, sell and learn. Do not need knowledge, chivalrous."

before, venture capital circle is a popular piece. Entrepreneurs looking for investment. Investors always ask: "if BAT also do your project, how do you do?" the entrepreneur smiled a little and asked: "BAT is also an investment, what do you do,

2010, buy big heat, still in KPCB Kai Penghua surplus Zhou Weigen, Wu Bo talk about the price, to invest in handle nets. As a result, Zhu Xiaohu was cut off the day before signing.

Zhou Wei was very upset, and finally at the time of the investment fourth, gaopeng.


on the market risk investment is not so common, IPO said the road resistance and long. Young entrepreneurs, in the mind probably have a secret idea: the company to do a certain scale, etc., after the acquisition of BAT, you can realize the freedom of wealth.

at this time, has been listed on the BAT ALI B2B business listed in Hongkong in 2007, with cash reserves, but also with the awareness of investment acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions began to invest in some start-up companies. Public data show that in 2010, Ali Tencent invested about 10 companies each.

2008, Skype domestic long distance to open it, and launched 0.1 yuan / minute low rates, no monthly fee, no connection fee.

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in 2011, 325 million yuan investment in high Tencent.