To attract Spotify and other Unicorn companies, NYSE intends to adjust the listing requirementsGive

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said the industry, if the application was approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC, will Spotify and other "unicorn" listed companies clear obstacles. Last month, there was news that Spotify would adopt a "direct listing" model without the need for new shares to be underwritten by underwriters and would not raise any new funds.

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according to the plan, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on June 29th before deciding whether to approve the proposal of the nyse.

, by contrast, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange has attracted about 6 start-ups since 2006, using the "direct listing" model. Currently, the NYSE and Nasdaq compete fiercely for the resources of listed companies. This year, the NYSE has successfully attracted the "burn after reading" application parent company Snap listing.

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reported that Spotify intends to adjust its "direct listing" rules, in the simplest way to attract the most attractive start-up companies.

Tencent – the New York stock exchange is seeking to adjust its listing rules to attract popular start-ups such as streaming music platform Spotify, according to foreign media reports.

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‘s so-called "direct listing" allows companies to publicly trade their shares without having to finance traditional IPO initial public offerings. If Spotify is listed in this way, it can be traded freely simply by registering shares. In other words, the company does not need to issue new shares, without financing, the shareholder structure will not change, but the holder can sell shares publicly.

Spotify was founded in 2008, with more than 100 million active monthly users last year, with more than 50 million paying subscribers. In the middle of the month, sources said that Spotify will be listed on the NYSE later this year or early next year, making it the first big company to list directly. compile / Tan Ran