How many entrepreneurs are intoxicated by this drugStranger social five years life and death Drama U


is in the past two years, the capital has entered the Bureau: Innovation workshop threw a secret million Connaught unlimited and Tu hand, Bertelsmann voted SAY, Jinsha River venture capital voted friends added…… A little-known small project too many to count. According to publicly available data, 30% of the new app in 2013 and 14 are social.

when the illusion begins to fade, the bleak reality has just begun.

has been bogged down in the quagmire of unfamiliar street, why can transition live social? Why does it degenerate into short video game social show is better than short video personal display form?


Li Chengpeng had such a metaphor: the moment Chinese life, there is a saying called "excess" success motivation is the same, we all like the train passengers, the train fireman desperately with coal, because we want to take this train to the moon.


is filled with WeChat shake, Zhang Xiaolong designed "suggestive" gesture for it, the voice of the game with the lira, highlighting a "sexy refreshing". Tang Yan in the 14: users familiar with each other will switch to WeChat, hard drainage for others to do the wedding dress; users are also less willing to pay for the "matching" function. At that time, he held a huge flow, but dressed like a cock wire.

so please stay calm at least until you are ready to face the end. Do not come to the market "scolded idiot, scold scold competing products without the bottom line, consumers don’t mind, investors did not look at…… "

do not think that success can withstand replication, the same superstition, the volatility of the outlet, once divorced from reality, will soon be the company down;

. If you draw a outline for them, >

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are in line with the description of "excess motivation for success",

in fact, the rise of strangers is almost inevitable: first, WeChat >


don’t think that startups will change you, but what kind of people you are, and what kind of temperament your project will have;

is perhaps perhaps people down on the luck, suck, but most likely, or their own incompetence.

voice, Same near the boring, met anti mail list in the "vertical social" hide winter, parallel world card, 11:11 burn after reading specializes in text matching. The "safe" place why most are not optimistic about the capital of


May 18th "anonymous chat" burst of red, "the secret, no secret tricks after four years still refresh my circle of friends, is not that stranger social traffic is far from mining

traffic without moneyAccording to iResearch, China’s social networking market reached $10 billion in 2014, when many social forms were not discovered yet,


was first born with LBS, drifting bottle matching text chat social Zuo Zhong. LBS can extend "online attraction" to offline; text chat is limited to traffic; simple and crude: about? In the neighborhood? One second to the topic.


karma, the two contact a lot of entrepreneurs, or to say, today’s "entrepreneur" is more like an equal to anything cassock, anyone can put it on a jump. Today’s entrepreneurs like 80s poets, some people take off clothes to write poetry, some people hold the girl clothes off to bed, all the monsters and freaks of all descriptions.

When the

Abstract: you said you must marry a gorgeous girl for a wife, this is a dream. You said you aspire to be like Chamberlain, in this life to sleep 20000 women, I have to say, this is the desire, you are with every meal to eat thirty on them, but also to make big brother here.

also said: I do not believe that a normal work is not exaggerated, reliable people, suddenly one day of business, will become a serious patient, full of originality; I don’t believe a talk, do clueless dreamer, suddenly one day of business, will become a diligent logical, doer.

five years later, the earth is turning upside down. Unfamiliar Street wash white, "live social", but he earned real money, 2016 net profit growth of 674% over the previous year, 80% revenue from live broadcast. WeChat has completed the accumulation of users, sitting on 900 million acquaintances social huge empire. In the middle of the two opposite audience is the bones of the entrepreneur.

in June 8th, "exploration" was $70 million D round of financing, it is almost the early years of unfamiliar street picture version, why is still optimistic about the capital?

probably because it is too beautiful, so the failure of frankness is very high. This article will make you see some cruel truth –

The rise of

has no strategy or tactics, so it is necessary to take care of it. The rare success stories are, after all, the result of many competitors being defeated and surfaced and polished again and again.

Is it good to start a business in ?

, but newcomers are pouring in.


five years ago, Tang Yan never dreamed that strangers would become so social.

strangers socialize for five years and go through double evolution of form and content. This life and death drama, we used a few pictures for you to read.

this "illusion", is sometimes a surge, sometimes is a storm, sometimes is the era of the Communist movement or turning grief, sometimes, "illusion" is only one of a sink or waking from a dream.