sh419 alliance theme lab formally launchedCost, new retail, international millet counterattack three

in 2017 a "high voice", millet has gone against the tide played the "price" brand. As we all know, the ultimate price is one of the secrets of the rapid rise of millet, with the latest flagship phone millet 6 release, millet once again play the acme of cost-effective.

in fact, the current flagship model in the average price of more than 4000 yuan, the starting price of 2499 yuan of millet 6 definitely called "affordable."". It is not only the domestic starter Xiaolong 835 processor, but will be fully upgraded to memory 6GB, and adopted a zoom double photo, the ultimate cost-effective to win, rice noodles cheered.

in the end!

new retail millet counter attack fulcrum

millet phone finally out of the trough, ushered in Lei Chun’s "spring flowers."". With the help of cost-effective, new retail, internationalization of the three engines, in the first quarter of this year, millet starred in a beautiful counterattack.

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cost-effective millet home magic

IDC data show that in the first quarter of 2017, millet mobile phones in the domestic market share increased by 21.6%. The agency judges, millet bottoming out has seen a very obvious effect, millet is gradually grab more market share.

millet chairman and CEO Lei Jun attended the third world Internet Conference on behalf of entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, Wuzhen collective interview activities. China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan photo

research firm TrendForce predicts that this year the average price of mobile phone memory chips will rise more than 10% year-on-year, NAND flash prices will rise, while the mobile phone running memory capacity increasing, is bound to boost prices; at the same time, the second quarter of 2017, eMMC and UFS memory module price will rise by an average of 5% – 10%; in addition, due to the AMOLED display the panel supply is quite tight, is expected in the second half of the price will remain high this year. Major component prices have begun to affect smartphone manufacturers to control profitability.

opened a fire, almost millet has become the norm. New retail, one of the five major strategies for millet, also got a start in 2017

millet company founder and chairman of CEO Lei Jun millet mobile phone will be extremely elegant and valuable: the price of

millet 6 released at the beginning, there is doubt millet first flagship mobile phone broke 1999 yuan sound, said millet price is not in. Insiders are accounting for 6 of the cost of millet: millet 6 uses the latest Qualcomm Xiaolong 835 flagship chip platform, resulting in chip procurement costs increased by 310%; the standard 6GB memory, resulting in memory procurement costs increased by 56%; the double zoom photo camera into the procurement lead to an increase of 41%. And in this context, millet 6 compared to the previous five generations only 25% price increase.