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first click on the call, this behavior is in line with Internet characteristics. Facts have proved that, in reality, people on the Internet phone number sensitivity is not high, see the phone number, see the advertising information, it is difficult to arouse the desire to call. And click on the phone to facilitate implementation, while making full use of the advantages of the Internet, to mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers through the Internet to call.

pay calls to influence the audience, it is necessary to provide users with media features user experience. Consumers must be provided with a model suitable for Internet publishing, it is possible to receive user calls from the internet.

believe that your attention and participation will make the forum a great feast for the enterprises, academia and even the public.

is different from what it used to be "online" advertising, which is an "audible" advertising model that makes consumer experience particularly important. "In fact, pay phone advertising can really popular, the key is to see how the user experience, can cultivate such a call habit."." An insider pointed out sharply.

Beijing web Nexis company is the first to launch PayPerCall services company. The web manager Wang Biao will be more willing to define koocall company for the media, a media call behavior. One with the audience, one with the enterprise. As a similar intermediary platform, how to do the "matchmaker" hold "red line", the intention of the two link effectively is the key to the success of the company PayPerCall.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

from the marketing perspective, the key problem is that the traditional telephone marketing mode, the user is usually a passive information receiving role, it is difficult for a user before do not understand or advertising information was the exclusion of interest. Today, the traditional telephone marketing model is facing changes, and this change is based on the development of Internet technology and innovative marketing communication tool integration use.

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the first unit theme: Supervisor responsibilities and role management activities of 9:30 – 10:50 Speaker: Wang YuThe role of the

1. ManagerTools for

2. managers

3. 10:50 multiplier 11:00 breaks 11:00 12:30 Speaker: Wang Yu

4. organized three levels of change

5. organize the interaction of the three classes

6. in the management of 12:3013:00 chess lunch break

second unit theme: managing Down Golf ® combat training and teaching strategies on a defensive war

1. uses employee mistakes and takes opportunity education – how to deal with subordinates’ misconduct?

2. to be a good coach – how do you work your subordinates?

3. maintain team discipline – how to deal with subordinates’ special requests

4. identifies the difference between employee and problem – how to implement a new policy?

5. ease employee complaints – how to praise and motivate subordinates? 15:00 – 15:10 – 17:30 break 15:10 Speaker: Wang Yu

1. transforms the boss’s demands on goals – how to set goals for subordinates?

2. uses communication to eliminate differences in employee perceptions how to deal with the underlying intention of subordinates’ distorted policiesThe abnormal management of the

3. diagnostic Department – how to deal with the conflict between new and old personnel?

4. to master the motivation of human nature – how to face the negative and uncooperative work attitude of subordinates?

5. take effective authority how to face opinionated subordinates? 17:30 – 18:00, dinner 18:00 – 20:30 Speaker: Wang Yu

6. uses the leadership style to teach students in accordance with their aptitude – how to adopt an elastic and effective leadership style?

PayPerCall, which is called "pay per call" or "pay per call", is another type of Internet advertising after PayPerPageview website display ad and PayPerClick click pay advertising. Advertisers pay for the number of valid calls, the main feature of this new Internet advertising.

this experience comes from many aspects. Can be a variety of front-end experience options, or can be convenient user experience process. For example, koocall consumer front-end experience is currently mainly in three forms: can be in the target enterprise network >

traditional telephone marketing, telephone marketing personnel required by the potential users of the database one by one phone call, in order to achieve communication with potential users, the transaction the possibility is very small, relatively high cost, but also because of this, users of personal space "excuse me" and questioned.

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