Four years of experience to talk about the grassroots webmaster that is not easyFive effective ways

method 1 is also my main source of income. Or the use of space to do, we do space when the temptation to be in place, do not go too far. I’ve been sealed off several times and suffered heavy losses. The last time I finished this method, a lot of people asked me for search Wang, because I couldn’t find the high quality number. Here’s how I got the high quality number. Go to Taobao to buy some 2 hand envelopes, the price is 2-3 yuan, 1000 numbers. Of course, we’re not just going to waste space on these numbers, it’s a waste. Find a sun drying software. At the same time landing a large number of numbers, you can change the inside of the information you want, and then send the number of all the friends inside, although this method is a bit damaged.. But in a word, making the Internet and caring about the face is not making money. It is estimated that we have not received such information less,

itself can not say that the website and entrepreneurship, but the site has a keen passion, regardless of what type of site has been done, always looking for a creative bright spot. Because itself as a programmer, the whole day of the code, ideas have been quickly cured, in order to public static, creative ideas appropriate, can aura.

1., if the website daily flow more than ten thousand, good income tens of thousands of good.

why do I want to talk about grassroots webmaster is not easy, because I think, grassroots webmaster not only have a good idea, and some extraordinary ability. A grassroots webmaster, do the web page, when the editor, do the SEO, understand the website operation and maintenance. It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent. Of course, you may want to refute me, hao123 founder, who, who, who is also a grassroots webmaster once, he will not do a page, but also done in general, how will become a big bull?. Come on, people are playing with ideas, playing with creativity, playing, is China’s first.

actually prepared this article 3 days ago, but because of the busy work recently, I just finished the project today and drank some water. I wrote this article that I should have written earlier. 3 days ago to the title of the article is not so, but "more than the Internet, all grassroots webmaster also". But considering it, it seems that there are a lot of literary expressions that can match a title. Just think of, or some ordinary, I those countrified literary or not out loud.

we all know now only advertising can do is pay day of the Union message is veterans who often say SP. Today I will tell you a few ways to operate SP. There may be some ways you’ve seen it, but it doesn’t work. Why? It’s so bad. This is the biggest obstacle to success. SP day income over a thousand people, of course, there are a lot of skills here.


method 2, which I have also told you, is to add popups to the XX movie and then spread it through the server, the electric stove, and the VAGAA POPC. When I talked about this method, many people took care of it. If I tell you now, someone is through this method a month to do SP 4000 yuan + do Firefox 1700 knives, of course, now Firefox prices, you can say that profits have passed. But SP is still working, and of course, the temptation page here is good. Specific method is relatively long. There are many places on the web that offer temptation pages, search for downloads. The rebound code is inside.

2., which Internet Co would like to see, bought my site.

, for my part, read about the successful experiences of so-called successful people before going to bed every day. Definitely need to go through a rough process. Had a chat with my boss, he said the Internet gangster, sincere words and earnest wishes to say to me, baby, you should’ve been born 20 years earlier, just do a comprehensive news website, adhere to the present, and the NetEase, sina is the same level of the China portal, think about it.

grassroots webmaster has several dreams:

method 4" >

doesn’t know if it’s possible to outline the idea of a grassroots webmaster

3., if only hao123 had done it.


method 3 exchange visits SINA BLOG originality. A lot of people have seen it, but they didn’t do it. 1., do a SP temptation page, movie or video chat will do! 2., to do a Sina blog, in which add jump code. 3., build 30 blogs, the names are very explicit. The 4. step on the use of blog software, only on the 10 on top of the Sina home page blog. 5. the blog software is very special, each landing in a 1 minutes, landing after removal of COOKIE, and then landed an account, and then visit the blog, so in these blog visitors, certainly is our advertising. Don’t believe it. Try it yourself. It’s very simple. You can do it by hand. Now, I tell you, someone has done this by SP a month, more than 3000 yuan, +1000 multi advertising League income.

4., if I were famous too.

grassroots webmaster are gathered in a variety of thinking, want to do some creative web site, starting point is good, realistic, scary. As colleagues, I understand the feelings of grassroots webmaster, every morning, open the computer, take a look at their website, and then check today included, and then ran to the advertising union to see how much of the harvest yesterday. Then get up to eat something, think about where the hair today, the chain, today is no longer write, they do not know whether the original article through the audit.