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Tao Chuang is an Internet start-up veteran, born in Shanghai, long in Wuhan, has 15 years of overseas life experience. In 2009, he returned to China and founded PPTV. Now, he has created the capital of learned capital. Whether he is from childhood to now, constantly changing the living place, and constantly have to cross the boundaries of geography, or now the cause, and constantly explore different areas, and constantly try new directions. The veteran’s life experience is full of cross-border thinking. In today’s Internet popular era of thinking, the cross-border thinking to play the ultimate veterans, how to face the dilemma of entrepreneurship, how to look at the need for traditional corporate Internet transformation?. The following is the Tao Chuang by entrepreneurs in the media together to develop new materials science and technology Ningbo City Investment Co. Ltd., Shanghai new material investment and financing strategic alliance to build the Chrysler cup horse race global new material industry final oral finishing.

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returned home in 2008 to watch the Olympic Games, so I saw the rapid development of domestic and entrepreneurial prospects. So in May 2009, I went back to China and started my second business, PPTV road. At this time, I met second noble people in my life, Sun Zhengyi, the richest man in japan. In 2010, after two conversations one ten minutes, 1.5 hours, Sun Zhengyi decided to invest $250 million in PPTV. This made PPTV once the largest single financing project in china. With this financing, PPTV began in 2013 in the video site, PPTV received in the emerging, Suning and Lenovo Hony investment of $420 million, everyone says that this is the China Internet Corporation.

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lived overseas for 15 years, spent nearly 10 years as an angel investor, and, at the age of 34, won the honor of Canada’s chief research professor for life.

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in 2000, I began to study smart glasses, which is now wearable devices. From 2000 to 2005, during the five years when he became a special adviser to the United Nations, the United Nations had an hourly consultancy fee of $2000. In 2002, in Toronto, Canada, I founded my first company, GeoTango, which was the first company to do an online 3D map. In 2005, GeoTango was acquired by Microsoft. Bill Gates became my first noble, let me get the first pot of gold. I also officially entered Microsoft, the experience of working in Microsoft has benefited me for a lifetime. Because always feel that their technology is very cattle, but to Microsoft, only to find themselves still in the state of primary school students. And during the Microsoft, as the head of the earth division, I completed the acquisition of three companies, but also completed a great boost in their internal strength. In the five years of Microsoft, I really learned the strategic vision and strategic height of a big enterprise.

my background is very complicated.