also talk about the development of local video viewing network

not long ago, someone wrote articles about local video, real estate stations and ordinary real estate websites, and quite a few. Some people say that local video property can earn 6 million a year. It’s not the impossible, maybe Netcom supports homev, but I don’t think so. Can we have grass roots? Let me tell you — daydreaming. 600 million is not a small number, how many people have never seen, I have not seen.

I’m writing this video, and the prospects are not as much as I’d expect to make in a year, even if I don’t believe it, and it’ll be a laughing stock. What I’m talking about is his development. Go to Baidu search will find energy-saving compared with other sites the biggest characteristic is: less! Special to do this should have several? And other sites to estimate the number of 100, 1000, 000 units like to do. So there’s a future. What we want to do is to have a local video search network, of course, the premise is that you do not have the area yet. What’s the use of doing this? I don’t support the idea of making millions of dollars in the year. Then listen to me. Since the region does not, then you have done is the industry leader, and later only be imitated, do not have to imitate others. Perhaps you have thought of doing a local forum, unfortunately, you have to do the local information network, unfortunately, but you still do, but little income, cannot maintain the website, can why can others? It is because he did early, high popularity, many repeat customers, natural success. You are halfway to imitate, which can easily succeed. Now video showings, you can easily become the first one. Even if the beginning does not make money, who may, seize the opportunity. Nobody knows tomorrow’s business. Don’t think it’s too small. You knew years ago that you could surf the Internet every day. You wouldn’t be able to type a few years ago. Not now. It’s better to start a new website than to make a common website.

but how to do it? Do the station to have procedures, I do not have, then go to buy, go to, do not look at the program, the United States and the United States, the most important pre emptive machine, no one is doing the best procedures. They are all improved step by step.

how can I develop this? I think you all have space. First, do a good job on the website, then fill in the content and put some video on it so that you will not feel empty when you see it. Then is the promotion, the local station will be local promotion. I don’t know how to promote the big place. We are small, I only do it in small cities. Spend some money on a lot of color advertising. We have bulletin boards here in each community. Anyone who wants to paste anything will be able to do so without tearing it off. So I can put a publicity page on every block. On the above, write the only video site in this area, and then write some videos of the benefits of the house, stay home and see the whole city, and so on, and everyone will write. Write information like free shooting and so on. Someone should come to visit us. The most important thing is the media effect. I’m going to focus on getting publicity near the newspaper and TV stations