Look at how the school fast food takeaway business is successful

a math student, not willing to dull life in University, he opened a fast-food takeaway shop near the school, single day sales is very considerable, facing the huge pressure of competition, how he managed to collect money?

"help people gifts" to earn a pot of gold

27 year old Lu Wenqing is from Anhui, Anqing. Influenced by the influence of his parents for many years, he decided to start a business when he was in college. Senior year, Lu Wenqing side in Hefei, a Real Estate Company internship, while looking for business opportunities.

and by some enterprises responsible person contact, he found that many enterprises attach great importance to the employee’s birthday benefits, but don’t have the energy to implement. In April 2011, Lu Wenqing registered "birthday network". At present, nearly 40 thousand people to accept the "birthday network" services, customers include telecom, Unicom, HKUST, built in eight innings Anhui branch and other dozens of enterprises, the annual income of more than 800 thousand.

"promising to help people to send rice market prospects

however, the first month "Ah Q takeaway business is not good. "Ah Q takeaway is the introduction of a well-known Hunan steamed dishes for fast food brands, ACE is not favored by students steamed pork with rice flour, and are to be drained a large bowl of meat every day, a few days later slowly find the reason, the amount of each dish master".

now, depending on the taste and speed, "Ah Q takeout" to win the market, the average day to sell more than and 800 copies. To this end, he hired 10 students to do outside, equipped with a total of 1 trucks, electric tricycle, electric cars, the 12 thermal insulation box, each will be sent to the dormitory downstairs to take out the 4.