How to improve the site’s weight the wise remark of an experienced person

what is website weight? Our webmaster first thing to do every day is to open the search engine, inquires the website ranking and included number, to see whether ranking promotion. This is the problem that all of our stationmaster cares very much. High weight sites, search engines will increase the number of included, the site ranking is also very good. So, there are many new sites, ranking down and down the right of the old station, it is necessary to learn how to improve the weight of the website to improve the method. The Internet also has many webmaster talked a lot, such as: the space is stable, the choice of the domain name, the domain name registration time, but today I want to talk about is after my long practice, but also concluded that the effect is compared with several methods which is important for everyone to share, we want to help.

one, increase quality links.

because many owners have been aware of this link is the basis of important sites and its effects on the website of the PR value, each link is a vote for a vote for you, because the quality of the current search engine calculation has begun to emphasize the link, so I think it is quite important, should pay enough attention to. Why high quality links included in the rankings important indexes? Search engine that, if your site is full of value, other sites will mention you, if they refer more to you, your website of greater value, website weight is also more and more high. This time, our webmaster should learn to do more high-quality external links to enhance the weight of the website. In addition, in doing friendship connection at the same time, we must pay attention to the two interconnected web site whether there is relevance, meaning whether the same industry, web content relevance.

two, carry on soft Wen promotion,

soft Wen promotion, in fact is also increase the chain of another method. And soft text from the effect is very obvious, can in and webmaster nets and other contributions. Write text not necessarily connected to clip in the content, some articles only posts or articles at the end, the author indicates the origin itself like a link that you stand on the line, so that Baidu and GOOGLE are more likely to guide its sensitive to detect and search the source of these articles is what position, make full use of good soft Wen promotion can accelerate the accumulation of website weight.

three, blog promotion,

blog promotion is also to improve the weight of the website, there is an important method, there are many webmaster do new station ranking optimization, all use this method. Adding information to your blog and linking it to your web site is another way to add links. Again, notice the proper use of link text for this release. Blogs can often submit information more often than they do not need to be approved by each other. However, please note that the blog link to another appropriate reason is probably because of the too many links, search engine optimization caused by malicious found spider crawling, which due to excessive optimization, and punishment on your site. < >