The role of soft Wen on the web site and writing skills

Hello, I am happy to joke _ embarrassments nets webmaster, today to share with you these days we experience. Today’s topic is: soft writing. A5 has published many articles about this kind of soft, like a dish of rice overnight, although the reader is not the main, but the taste is delicious. The author will come today to stir fry this dish overnight meal. I hope to my point of view, you can bring to the "comrades in arms" on the soft and soft arts skills of new understanding.


is overnight rice, many friends on the role of soft Wen is not very clear. Soft Wen said, is a more common means of marketing, a good soft Wen, through the reprint rate, can let your product in the network to get overwhelming effect, attract potential customers. (such as links experience often write A5 on the forest through the soft, let her adorable, is QQ to improve the exposure, so as to promote the sale of her link, although she and I don’t talk a lot, but from her words, she can be found is a very good girl, now she has been sold through links to earn a lot of money profits from the head of the business circle to jump out do business, and success is really admirable. ) if it is the site, you can through the soft text in the clever collocation of your links, so as to obtain a considerable amount of the chain, specific to see the soft text reprint rate. The role of the chain is to establish a channel for the search spider, it enters the channel more of your site, a spider on your website is increasingly valued, many complain that their websites included less, slow to update friends, please check you for your "feeding" spider build enough channel


never stupid webmaster, only lazy webmaster! Understand the role of soft text, we immediately about soft writing skills:

one, clear your soft text audience: plainly, is clear you this soft Wen, mainly for whom to see. At present, Baidu index in addition to new features, I like it very much, that is, you can inquire about your visitors, mostly age, what income, what kind of job and so on. These data are useful for understanding your web site visitors. Then combine the type of your website, write the most appropriate soft text. For example, it’s the movie station. Then your visitors are generally young, then you should be in the same site (to find the best station or popular station, such as thunder comments, UU bird Forum) published some of the more playful soft, such links of higher quality, more easily attract visitors. In general, choose publish sites according to your site type. Decide the style of writing according to the type of visitor.

two, sincere attitude: a lot of friends as long as it comes to writing soft, depressed, writing is not good, how can’t write good soft wen. Personal webmaster can not afford to spend money, please gunner, how to do?. In fact, very simple, we first clear, search spider is just a program, not enough to intelligently judge the pros and cons of the article, so we do not need to consider this point. The site administrator is not very particular, as long as the submission of the object of the site (like those waves), most of them will be emotional subjective. As long as you >