View the user experience of NetEase mailbox from account repair service

The use of electronic mail

radish fish begins from 2002, starting with Hotmail, due to hotmail in China is too slow and too much spam, abandon the use of the radish fish, from the beginning of 2005 to the NetEase’s free e-mail, has been in use, because time is too long, so the security code, electronic mail security NetEase all the card is lost, the fish has not dared to try radish NetEase account repair service, because I personally feel like QQ account account repair back business difficulties, then the author because of work requirements, have to add strong mailbox security performance, so try to radish fish recently NetEase account repair service.


NetEase account repair is very simple, just 4 steps to complete your security code, phone, secret security card binding security protection measures reset. Radish fish is not introduced, how to operate the specific, the restoration of the application, you should remember as much as possible some representations of materials, and provide you with the real contact information and identity card number.

turnip fish here to speak, the entire account in the process of repairing, NetEase a total customer service spent just 20 minutes after the treatment (see below), perhaps it is time for the initial registration of radish fish was used in the true identity of the sake of it, but to praise the NetEase’s customer service efficiency is really high. For any one of the customers are in the service of the heart, the fish did not dare to say this radish service, the user experience more than any other Internet Internet portal or professional website, but the turnip fish dare say than Tencent, Sina, Baidu and some other big customer, pay attention to the user experience, even the fish of radish it is a free email client, even if the NetEase mailbox has more than 480 million active users.



, here’s a look at why radish fish use NetEase’s mail service and will continue to use it.

1, take a look at some of the NetEase mailbox basic data:

audited unaudited financial statements for the first quarter of fiscal 2012, according to NetEase data, as of March 31st. In the past quarter, the total number of valid users of NetEase mailbox has exceeded 480 million, compared with 360 million in the first quarter of 2011, and the growth of users was 33%.

in November 1997, NetEase independently developed the first full Chinese free email system. Today, the total number of NetEase’s e-mail users has exceeded 400 million, free mailbox and charging mailbox market share ranked first in the country.

is now a free mailbox innumerable QQ mail, Sina mail, Sohu mail, email, 189 and so on, but why the number of active users of the NetEase mailbox has been on the rise phase value >?