How do you make a successful website

to build a web site is very simple, we chose domain name and virtual host, and then we began to choose a program that we like, and then upload the program to the space later, domain name resolution. Of course, here is our SEO in a sequence, some novice webmaster may choose to love their way of doing, the website set up is very simple, but how to do more successful


I want to talk about the success of the website. Most of my friends would say it’s SEO to make the website a success. Let’s start with SEO, if we use SEO as a successful website. First of all, we have to choose the template of our website, why Baidu is becoming less and less fond of our Taobao customers, because our content, templates and so on are too rampant. So we do SEO, in their blog, choose some of the coldest template to use, this kind of repetition is very low.

secondly, that is the content of your website. Some webmaster friends will do: just began to site decoration especially beautiful, and just started when all of a sudden to the website added high quality original articles a lot, but slowly on their web sites began to cool a lot, even some friends in the update 2 months left and right time, did not find what flow come, nor what profit, simply to the web site work lost. This approach is very bad search engine, he will think you this site is a collection station, very unfriendly to search engines. One or two articles every day, if you can persist for about 4-5 months, your site will be ranked well, adhere to a year down, your site ranking will be more stable.

A strategy within the

station is an integral part of the list. Many of the first level directories are available. For example, forum, blog and so on, when starting to establish a forum or blog site to your web site set up for 4-5 months, so your forum is not dead, the user is whether your blog or forum will have activity, not just started to build a website forum and blog.


original love thing, if every day you write the original article, you may hold down, after half a year or a few months to your weight, you will also gradually not so fancy originality. When you have a forum, but also relatively good active, when the forum user activity is high, users ask questions and some exchanges, are very good original article.


chain is a big problem, many webmaster love ask peer your site where the chain? Here to give you a piece of good method, take out your strengths, if your website technology is good or your SEO experience, you can go to help the novice then, when you help them to solve the problem, you can ask them to belong to one of your website on their website, technical support or single chain etc..