nsist on updating your website content is the foundation of your website weight enhancement

It’s not easy to do

, it’s not easy to keep it up. Every webmaster may be full of enthusiasm and high morale. Determined to how to do their own website, but along the way they found themselves very tired very hard, perhaps the first month and second months by the passion, enthusiasm is not cleared to third months of fighting continues in a fourth month, insist on not going to give up, or directly for a the type of the station to do from. All this is the mentality of the problem, do before the station to think how long you can insist on starting business again,


today, let’s talk about the website update. Many webmaster in order to save trouble, directly buy a set of procedures and data directly installed, or let others one-stop service installed. He is waiting for the money from advertisers to, think how wonderful future, but later found out that all this is only one party is willing. So we do stand or pragmatic, to insist on their own updates. As for other acquisition, hang thief procedures, these techniques are still less useful. Want to want to depend on those to all develop, stationmaster all sent, still use so hard to do station?


most webmaster in updating the website, usually has the following kinds of situations:

1., in order to save trouble, direct collection. This process can take hundreds of thousands of minutes in just a few minutes. But what are the consequences? How many IP, how much value, how many people browse your duplicate information?. To see how those good standing, people do, and the content is not edited by their own modified?. Do you always keep an eye on the dynamics of the entire network?. Good content is the first step to success.

2. today, free to hand copy 100 content, tomorrow is not free, not updated, the day after tomorrow is not updated, when you remember, and to update a few articles. The spider is to come when no content, a little time to come and no more, the spider also do not understand what you do, and slowly do not come, you stand estimate is also of little value. (except for special cases)

take my natural makeup nets (http://s.zrzrw.com), for some time ago has been busy doing new sites, rarely updated. The last time the PR was updated, PR dropped. Baidu is off to a few hundred, is the collection of speed before 1 hours included, get the results are not included, recently decided to empty the station a little deal, at least to keep up with the speed of collection. So every day the false original 3–5 article, did not want to see how much hair, can’t get by get back, insist on such a case half a month of time, when the Baidu update, included back, at the same time every day to see a new record. It says so much from the search engine, and must insist on updating every day, not how many, but must insist, insist on updating and theme related articles.

, let’s say a little more about the user experience: even if you stand one