Experience of failure cases of personal websites

do a good personal website, a monthly income of tens of thousands of IP every day, also thousands of thousands, this is every webmaster hopes, goals, but really can do this effect, this income is certainly not easy?. Personal website is also a career, and the success of any career is not easy. Moreover, now is not the Internet bubble era, people are more and more real.

so many personal webmaster, depression has not been able to do what good flow, poor, white with big space is very poor.

maybe many webmaster, tried hard to picture station, beauty station, SF station, XX station is not tried, traffic has been few, finally gave up, however, do a business, it is to fail only good, not so many failures don’t know where the mistake. After failure, the following fatal factors were found to be detrimental to survival:

1, website management did not update the rules of impermanence, not timely; are so many stations today come will update, forget the words perhaps 1 months has not been updated, all gone n visitors, there are a lot of broken links can not timely corrected, resulting in failure of the link after more and more. The visitor point failure link, usually very offensive, the less chance of getting back, included fewer.

2, the use of popular vocabulary, a lot of professional jargon words when Web2.0 first came to scare away customers, such as not directly it is Web2.0 to say, the development of a new generation of network, new, not what function, calculation, verification of international XXX things, although the feeling is very authoritative, but no, netizens that do not understand, and secondly, also not in the mood to see this thing. None of this.

3, website management content should be concentrated, to be fixed, not today this popular collection of this, tomorrow that popular and collect that, the new visitors are unaware. Content can only retain repeat customers. Stable operation can bring more IP to your website. Very unstable content will make users feel you this is not long out of place. Comrades ah, to keep an eye on the target, the beauty also don’t look, oh.

4, don’t happy, opinionated, many came to some traffic immediately happy, happy to forget who you are, start looking for advertising links, claimed to have much traffic, good looks very promising, but in fact only a short-lived material, tomorrow to come out crying.

5, a good grasp of the methods of publicity, publicity should be properly, many people do not know how that website, usually go to other BBS blog, but if, leaving only one link away, purely deceive children. The correct way is to write something, I threw my table with Steamed Buns, not finished. ~ ~! As a webmaster can’t write something inexcusable, the so-called "farmers to do early station one day" 2wip "middle school students flow >