Depth decryption mall type website how to improve natural ranking

A5 because the winter guest didn’t let me pay attention to the topic, this website — clothing network, this website particularly surprised me, whether it is web traffic or weight keyword rankings are very powerful. Webmaster Tools given data, approximate daily flow of 200 thousand, according to our website operating experience, traffic budget should be much higher than this figure.


customers want to do is not easy, rarely can be known, now Ali Taobao Jingdong Dangdang website exclusive giant, the other site if you want to succeed, burn, conference and so on, the beginning is thunder, little rain, can you remember less and less. Clothing networking is how to do it,


1, the domain name of the site is

a domain name should be chosen as far as possible in line with site positioning or product positioning, increase search engine friendliness.

The name of the

web site and the domain name eelly are easy to combine to remember, which will deepen the user’s first impressions of the site.

two, website keyword optimization,

clothing networking keyword ranking is very fierce, "women’s clothing" in Baidu before natural ranking is fourth, now is fifth. Through love station Baidu ranking tool to find out, a lot of about wholesale long tail keywords, most of them are ranked first in the home page, the number of entries more than 8000. Such a huge keyword, do not want to bring traffic is difficult ah?.

clothing networking is mainly for men and women clothing wholesale sourcing website. The title of the site: clothing clothing wholesale market network, China new leader, Guangzhou thirteen, Humen, the new brand of men’s clothing wholesale. The front is the positioning of the site + behind the popular keywords, keywords not assembled. Website keywords: "women’s clothing wholesale, clothing wholesale, men’s clothing wholesale, Guangzhou clothing wholesale" is very short. The site’s description is also the most commonly used syntax. "XX" is XXXXX, bringing together / clustering / involving XXXX (long tail keywords)". The page title keyword description of the web is not deliberately to stack the key words, there is the most women’s clothing wholesale, wholesale clothing, very direct tell search engines, this website is what to do, and not to disperse the keyword weight.

three, home weight control

first point is a mentioned keywords compact, the other is on the website home page outbound links of nearly 1000, but there are more than 800 bands of nofollow tags, tell the search engines these links do not vote, do not transfer the weight, the weight of very good control of the site’s home page.

four, site details processing

Every link on the

site is added to the title attribute, and the title and ALT attributes of each picture are added. This is a small amount of work, and a lot of JS code appears on the site, div level >