Nine suggestions for new Adsense to do web site

to novice Adsense do site nine suggestions

And the purchase of

1 domain name selection to select a domain name or domain name pinyin spelling, domain name suffix was dominated by.Com, followed by.Cn, the domain registrar is also very important, the preferred Yiming net China million net, Xinwanghulian register business, do not look for the small agency to register. Black agent domain name transfer and transfer fees high will make you angry big hematemesis.

The choice of

2 space is very important. Remember, one price, one price. Buy cheap space will only make you more losses, what IIS, CPU limit a little better, if not open space for several hours and can not find the customer service, the successive open web site search K, then you will want to cry without tears.

3 no matter what the website, please as far as possible with their own interests and hobbies, this is to hold a lasting power to develop, and this is the premise of the essence and characteristics of the trained site, can be sustainable, and constantly improve the site in height, depth, bigger and stronger natural is the point the day and await for it.

Please do

4 development direction must be very clear about your site, and that the direction is not easy to change, do not add too many other redundant branches, earnestly to do core content specific direction. ADMIN5 is a good example. Many people do site is impulsive, fever, follow the trend, so at the beginning will not want to how, anyway, feel what good, on what content, in the end, may lose the direction of development.

The design style of the

5 Web site, if you can, please try to simple; then in simple basis, can be combined with their own site groups of age and sex, the overall color preferences to set a particular tone color style. Now many of the website available for download, if you can try to design their own style and creation; once well, try to keep unchanged, at least do too many changes don’t color tone and distribution, this is very important. Everyone has a habit, to the website is like this, habits are very important, the content of the habit, color habits, distribution habits. Please do not change the user’s habits at will, because that is what you train with time and energy.

The development and construction of

6 content, to encourage originality, support the essence of the content sharing, guide users to share their feelings and mood, but do not reprint, with large content to maintain the post update. Encourage original, user share, so that can improve the user’s participation and sense of belonging, increase the originality of the content of the site, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the content of the site and the rate of return. The importance is obvious.

7 in the website user management system, please try to be human, not too rigid or too many to limit the user’s behavior, please give users free breathing space, let him at his own site, such as >!