My experience of site planning

  some time ago, I set up my own website "computer China". Now I will talk about the experience of website planning with my website.

, an essential process is the early stage of project selection, this is very important, this may be the future in your website especially hard can only let you go on reason, it is because of this, I choose their own more than 10 years has been engaged in the computer industry as the theme of the site itself.

two, the content of the website content as much as possible in their original, such as search engines when worms will continue to update your website information if your content from the website to others, the result is that you may do promotion for other web sites on your own website. Because I used to work in the computer industry, but the content of the work in Shenyang is mainly based on network and system. When working in Beijing, it is based on VC6 and Delphi as the interface and database development. Meanwhile, the company has also done the website and designed the WEB interface for the company’s products. When I go to work in Guangzhou, I will switch to the application design and maintenance of Windows system and network platform. 10 years of work experience, plus your computer is especially love this profession, so naturally the idea is: the industry is subdivided into each small class, then all I find is also good. On the station to facilitate users to access, this is the "computer" China website most early idea.

three, after the two points have been determined, the work to do is a lot of preparatory work, such as the name of the site, website profiles, keyword settings, such as my "computer China"

website’s first introduction is: Chinese computer professional theme website, which is also a way to promote the website. I knew later that there was SEO, and through SEO I learned that there was a reverse link. Therefore, the website profile becomes now: "free promotion of Chinese computer sites, increase website reverse links, Chinese computer professional theme website station". Of course, with the passage of time, the "computer China" website will continue to develop and improve, to provide users with more and better content. It’s one of my most important tasks to make more of my friends use my website. As far as possible to collect information content of profile design at the same time, also can not ignore the design of the website keywords like "computer China" keyword I set: "computer China, free included Chinese promotion website, computer technology, computer professional" the key is not possible, the design is concise and accurate keywords principle. Blindly pile keywords, for web promotion is no good, after a period of time I write an article about website promotion.

welcome everyone to "computer China" website, let us work together to improve and make progress together, webmaster QQ:18110988 mailbox: [email protected]>