Really afraid to do DJ music site

in ADMIN5, I have published a lot of articles, and I’m in a bad mood today. ADMIN5, look at all the articles written by you. Looking at it, I can’t help myself. I want to publish articles, too!

!The development prospect of

DJ station is not good, in addition to a large number of willing to work for you in the team, but also the elite original works, the early development is difficult, on the network DJ station a lot of real size few, and now the music website are related to copyright issues, if it is their original station and then the content is not much, and the profit model is not much, in addition to walk alliance and some minor league, basically no profit, but the alliance monthly income less, depending on the membership fee? It is not possible, as long as there is now a station of some resources, the other station soon get your stand up, then who will spend the big money, and others to you is to relax the station to listen to songs, if also money, who would listen to


, the sponsor of the server, lied to me. I’m really depressed, there are a lot of data in that server, most of them are my contact DJ friends, they arrived at my station for the first time. But a few days ago, the sponsor of the server friends, do not say a direct grid, so I have all my music data clear. I wanted to cry at that time. All these songs were passed by me one by one. This person is really not good. He has pulled my QQ number directly to the blacklist. Won’t he tell me in advance? I’ll transfer the song to my computer, and I’ll be OK. His name is not convenient for me to say. But I also want to thank my friend, although he supports my space only 5G, if I want to thank him for his mind,


for my DJ website, I accompany the computer for many nights, all night long, and really become a webmaster who doesn’t like talking. I think I’m a bit tired, it is my most difficult time, the domain name will soon expire, there is no download server, the rest of the way, how can I go on, hope that the webmaster your brother in this first thank you


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