Two suggestions on the breakthrough of the development bottleneck of local portals

, along with the popularity of the network, in recent years, local portal sites have emerged, but we also found that many local portal website life is very short, the development process will encounter some bottlenecks, if not to break the bottleneck of development, it is difficult to survive in the fierce competition in the market, will inevitably be abandoned by network consumers. In fact, many of the local failure of the domestic portal site, you can find many webmasters did not do media positioning, more in personal websites, and the contents of the mess, no local features.

, here we put forward two of the most important opinions, and do these two points, we have done more than half:

first, establish the local portal to the authority of the media image, as a local portal, the reason for its existence, or the main reason people need the local portal, is that it can give the local netizens to provide other portals, large news sites can provide local media information. Therefore, local portal site, to play the advantages of local media resources, and local government agencies, the authority of the media institutions to strengthen communication and cooperation, especially government agencies should make good use of information, starting from the authority of government regulations and norms, to when the latest and most critical and most authoritative news information to people, to establish their own authoritative media image.

unfortunately, many places in the news portal, information is not doing enough, most of the sites are a simple copy of special news website information content, not only boring, and lack of timeliness, it is difficult to attract users to read. In addition to the type of news, the local portal should strengthen the construction of the editorial staff, and launch more original and attractive works to attract the doomed readers and increase the flow of the portal website.

second, adhere to the local, develop local characteristics of the local portal

portal is a portal, its function has great ability to expand, so adhere to the local, developed with local characteristics of the portal site, will become an important force point breakthrough the bottleneck in the development of local portal site. The development of local characteristics, can view from several local business, culture and life, on the one hand to the user about the local cultural and commercial construction, improve the quality of life of the user; on the other hand, the construction of user communication and effective platform to promote the user’s emotional communication, increase the user feeling on local portal website the dependence, enhance the user loyalty to website, when a group of loyal users, the development of the website will point the day and await for it.

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