Xie network remediation is a curse or blessing

for a long time wanted to write this article, from old Xie I point to open A5, is some personal webmaster how to face the crisis and other articles, the content of the article is also full of pessimism. Perhaps, today’s network regulation is really bring you some trouble, but this is a blessing or a curse, you need to carefully consider.

old thank you, I wrote a personal webmaster in the winter how to keep warm, this winter is a bit cold, work trouble, management is strict. It’s like a heavy snow in winter. If you’re a pest, you might be a disaster.

give me the example, a garbage station friend, every day hundreds of sites of mass production, the use of garbage collection system, add some SEO technical means, what products do, what are spam.

but now, the income has gone to zero. Every day crying out in circle. We just want to think about the ad fees that we’ve got. It’s really a virtuous circle. Some advertising organizations pay for them by clicking on the window and clicking on them. But some irrelevant garbage stations try every means to get more garbage flow and click. Is that really the marketing effect? The family can not afford to pay, but get a little bit of sales revenue, the network of economic bubbles so that the emergence and development.


network needs to be controlled, like the white crow’s point of view, and warmly welcomes the control of the central army. Only in this way, there will be more and better Adsense bring happiness.

old Xie think: "dead a large number of weak, the real webmaster has better environment and development of space!


many seriously do stand some friends contact old Xie, when it comes to this problem, they often say such words, not disorderly, clean. Old Xie, I think, this is a very lucky thing.

has a good environment, your website, or the products have greater prospects for development better, in a piece of rubbish ruins, customers see your product, is love you, although you are very good, but you are rubbish around the ruins, so that they dare not close.

thanks to me, Internet control has helped me a lot. Old Xie, I do network marketing and network promotion planning, in contact with some enterprise CEOs, I now have more confidence to speak.

in the past, the traditional enterprise is trying to test the water network marketing, but they are more afraid of being drowned. Because they think the Internet too messy, they are not familiar with the network, and trust in the network is difficult to establish.

this was an indisputable fact in the past, the network is too messy. Malicious attacks, hacker attacks, junk ads everywhere. But how is it now? It’s clean. Old Xie very much hope that network control can be more severe, but need to be more humane, "one size fits all" approach is still too reckless.

this is a rare opportunity for network brand building. It’s a great blessing.