Wuhan college students can get up to 200 thousand grants without repayment

Wuhan grants ten million to help graduates entrepreneurship

in Wuhan college students’ Entrepreneurship problem of insufficient funds, the day before, the Wuhan municipal government issued the relevant policy will give financial support to meet the conditions of the venture 5-20 million grant funds after approval by the will, and there is no need to pay.

yesterday, reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social institutions, the city officially launched the project of college graduates entrepreneurship municipal funded projects, from now until October 31st, eligible entrepreneurial projects can apply for funding. The project supported by the city government allocated 10 million yuan to support 2014 college graduates or graduates of college graduates entrepreneurial projects within 5 years, financial support for the project review by each will be given 50 thousand to 200 thousand yuan, and the funds do not need to repay.

In accordance with the provisions of

, the applicant shall be prescribed by the state according to law in the city of Wuhan for business tax registration, legal representative or individual industrial and commercial households without illegal record college graduation year students or graduated from college graduates in 5 years, foreign students in our city business, may also participate in; if it is a partnership, the total capital requirements of eligible graduates of not less than 70% of the registered capital; venture with oriented industry development in Wuhan city or promote employment ability; a complete business plan, sound financial regulations, operation team; entrepreneurial projects have a certain level of technology, mature business model and good market prospects.

venture capital project is divided into 4 levels: 50 thousand yuan, $100 thousand, $150 thousand, $200 thousand. Focus on funding projects in line with the development of Wuhan’s industrial development or promote the employment of College students. College graduates engaged in self-employed college graduates or graduates within 5 years of college graduates, entrepreneurship projects to support the amount of not more than 50 thousand yuan.

for students to declare, employment of College Graduates Work Department of the application materials submitted by the management departments of colleges and universities, employment summary review opinions signed after the unified recommendation submitted to Wuhan talent service center of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship service department.

in various types of Venture Park in Wuhan, science and technology parks, industrial parks or private institutions established in various types of entrepreneurial park applicants, to declare the park.

other enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households that meet the reporting requirements may apply to the people’s Social Department of the place where they are registered.

review of the progress of the project and the results can also be concerned about the Wuhan graduate employment network. Specific matters can also consult the Wuhan talent service center student innovation and entrepreneurship services.

just graduated from college students entrepreneurship is the most important problem is the capital, the Wuhan municipal government for the introduction of individual business