Winter diet Detox beauty health network eat what

if the pipeline of our body being influenced detoxification, toxins can not be discharged will remain in the body, leading to the accumulation of heat and toxic, is for the formation of acne on the skin. Below small make up and learn some winter diet Detox nourishing food, I hope you can help.

Detox beauty food

Papaya peanut soup can drink

autumn Detox beauty. Need raw materials have five hundred grams of papaya, a corn, fifty grams of peanuts, a raw fish and one hundred grams of lean pork, red dates, the amount of ginger. Papaya cut corner block. The fish oil fried until golden on both sides. Put all the ingredients into the pot, add water to boil with the fire pot, a small fire for sixty minutes, you can eat seasoning.

female winter drink pearl seafood soup, you can detox acne beauty. The use of raw materials fifty grams of chicken and dried peas, a tomato and egg, twenty-five grams of milk and starch, a little cooking wine, salt, MSG, soup etc.. Chicken chop fine mud, add starch milk, and egg into the bowl, stir into mashed chicken. Pot into the broth, add boiled peas, diced tomatoes. Chicken paste to use chopsticks into balls after the wok, boil, add starch boil, add MSG, sesame oil seasoning.


mix of bean sprouts, suitable for autumn and winter paiduyangyan. Need one hundred and fifty grams of fresh raw materials are purslane and fresh bean sprouts, six grams of sugar and two grams of vinegar, a little MSG, soy sauce and sesame oil. Purslane, yellow bean sprouts in boiling water remove the cooked dish, then all seasoning pour in the dish, mix food. Yellow bean sprouts can fit the skin, the winter diet can Buzhongyiqi, detoxification and moisturizing facial, can prevent acne.

need to detox the woman can also eat shrimps rape. Prepare two grams of rape and fifty grams of dried shrimps, amount of chicken. Rape cut stir fried with vegetable oil into the dried shrimps, salt, sugar and chicken soup, cooked into starch sauce. Rape can except moisture, dried shrimps with Warming Yang effect, add the chicken broth three can eliminate puffiness, autumn and winter to eat this food can help acne. Autumn and winter diet Detox nourishing food has more than four members, the beauty of the woman must not be missed.