See how to create millions of 30 square meters makeup shop

beauty industry profits are well known, but this does not mean that any store can obtain huge profits harvest. A cosmetics shop 30 square meters to achieve millions of revenue within a short time, definitely not an easy thing. Next, we will from the following 30 square meters shop to create millions of wealth.

to South Korea, because this is the Asian fashion, Li Pengfei wanted to come here to try my luck, see if we can find a way to save the Soviet Union and the United states. When Li Pengfei really set foot on the streets of Myungdong sight, so he completely astonished: from the street to the end of the street, only 4.4 square kilometers, only the palm of the commercial street, gathered hundreds of streams of people busily coming and going single brand cosmetics store.

"a store that sells only one kind of brand cosmetics!"

single brand in the domestic cosmetics market is still blank at the time, Li Pengfei first realized: the original can also sell cosmetics.

Compared with the

2004 years, South Korea has established a store as the main channel of the cosmetics retail model, and as early as in Korea, the western developed countries have had many successful cases. As a famous British personal care brand the  body  shop stores, after more than and 20 years of development, there are nearly more than 3 thousand stores worldwide and local brands in Korea the  face  shop rely on store development mode in just a few years to become a listed company.

the beginning, Li Pengfei did not create her brand, according to the strength, he chose a safe route: South Korean Deputy brand, in China cosmetics monopoly test.

2005 December, Li Pengfei agent of the Korean brand DoDo  C recommended