How difficult it is to start a business in Beijing Taiwan boss entrepreneurial dream of Beijing

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in the domestic city is the largest city in the social pressure, I believe that many young people will improve in Beijing, as the capital of Beijing, the consumption level has been in a leading position, but also the pressure of social competition is also very high education. In the bustling Zhongguancun Venture Street, there are a large number of entrepreneurs gathered here, they discuss financing, product direction, creativity and dreams, Jin Chaoqun is no exception.

open WritePath page, simple and eye-catching, this is a focus on document modification, academic translation, document translation service enterprise website, and Jin Chaoqun venture company, the main business model is to provide professional translation, for enterprises, students and other editing service.

2006 Standford School of business summer classes, Jin Chaoqun and friends to talk about entrepreneurship in this regard, moving the idea of entrepreneurship. After returning to Taiwan, see a lot of students have applied for overseas colleges and universities, studying abroad has become a trend and trends, so quit his job, focus on entrepreneurship.