Primary school students to write a sad diary mother complained to play mobile phone

The existence of a serious impact on the phone

family relationships, with a cell phone, husband, wife can ignore each other, with a mobile phone, the mother can also ignore his son. Recently, there is a primary school student to write a sad diary to complain about her mother playing mobile phone!

According to the

"after reading not only lamented the child’s observation, I am also very surprised, did not expect that in the world of kids, adults playing mobile phone is very serious." Wang Yuewei said that he was given this diary of a praise, for one of the second grade students, with the mother’s emotional changes as a clue, emotional and delicate, the children of the world the most simple, write out the contents of the most authentic, it also reflects the social phenomenon of the widespread concern."

imperceptibly snubbed children

"the son read the diary, my husband and I two people still smile down, but then I feel ashamed." Zhao told reporters that every day after work to go home, she and her husband likes to play the phone to see the news to talk about WeChat, and sometimes his son in the next want to accompany her to do homework together, they will be impatient.

"not aware of my behavior on the growth of children will have such a big impact." Ms. Zhao said, after she must put down the phone to spend more time with his son.

"eat at the mobile phone, I was doing my homework when playing, sleeping and sitting on the bed." A student said, sometimes see parents playing mobile phones, he also wanted to finish homework quickly recommended