Ningbo college students entrepreneurial enthusiasm nine has become an opportunity and Entrepreneursh

as compared to the developed city in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo city college students have been high up in activities of the enthusiasm, double call, college graduates entrepreneurship proportion rose year after year, still higher than the national average.

at the same time, these three new college graduates within three years of entrepreneurial population rate is also consistently high among undergraduate entrepreneurship of the proportion of the population after three years were respectively 5.9%, 7.6%, 7%, the growth rate was 127%, 171%, 141%; the proportion of higher vocational business groups after three years respectively reached 10.7%, 12%, 10.3% and the growth rate were 138%, 167%, 171%.

"long term education reform and development planning of Ningbo city (2011-2020)" special mention "to support college students employment and entrepreneurship. Explore the college students entrepreneurial carrier and mode, improve the employment and entrepreneurship support policies, from the data point of view, the policy support for the effectiveness of college students is gradually emerging.

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