Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park selected national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration

with the deepening of the importance of entrepreneurs, in order to help entrepreneurs to start a successful business, the construction of a variety of business incubation base and entrepreneurial service platform. Qinghai also vigorously build entrepreneurial park, enhance the ability to start business services. Helping young people achieve entrepreneurial dream.

in the 95 home base, after a preliminary review, expert review and other strict layers of assessment, Qinghai Youth Business Park was selected in the five northwest provinces a total of 17 bases identified by. In addition, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Department of science and technology, human resources and social security department, the Provincial Department of Finance and other units to support, in July this year, Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park through the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission of Qinghai province "the first batch of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship demonstration base" in October by the provincial science and identification; the Technology Department of Qinghai science and technology business incubator "identified.

in the mass upsurge of entrepreneurship, innovation in Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park innovative business model, enhance service capabilities, a large number of high quality businesses and a group of high-quality young entrepreneurs, led to the formation of Qinghai entrepreneurial atmosphere. Over the past six years, Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park incubator enterprises to support young entrepreneurs of 655 people, at present, into the incubation enterprise of 52, Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park has become the main window to encourage and help young entrepreneurs.

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