Multi billion yuan project in rural areas

now entrepreneurs in rural areas has become very popular, at the same time, 1000 yuan venture some relatively low investment costs in the vast rural areas is also very popular, then we have to introduce a few thousand yuan of rural entrepreneurship project.


mobile repair

duck’s eggThere are many rural backyard ducks /

greenhouses and artificial breeding

in the rural areas most suitable for greenhouse cultivation and artificial breeding, and the market demand for vegetables and meat will never stop. At the same time, as more and more rural people stay away from home, leaving a lot of land resources, which provides a better opportunity from one side. Whether it is a greenhouse or artificial farming, farmers must be clear about the friends you are ready to engage in the project has no market, whether you are skilled in this industry, the competitiveness is not strong and a series of factors. To ensure the feasibility of the start.

swap shop

Township opened Chinese medicine store

rural rich project city people take the trouble away from traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in rural market has great potential, the existing traditional Chinese medicine shops can not meet the demand, often a town has a Chinese herbal medicine shop. Entrepreneurs can apply to the relevant departments to start Chinese medicine store.

In fact, in the vast