What kind of business is suitable for you in your neighborhood

want to do a profitable business, always pay attention to the surrounding business opportunities, and then decisively seize the opportunity to start a business to get rich. So, in the vicinity of your residential area, in the end what is suitable for business? Let’s take a look at it.

NO.1: second-hand real estate

which has never been a project such as the real estate industry is rich in a variety of billionaires, the richest real estate tycoons has occupied half of the country. With the introduction of a series of macro-control policies in the country, in 2011 the country began to loosen prices, but not the end of the era of real estate profiteering.

NO.2: glasses

NO.3: Funeral

NO.4: medicines and health products

NO.5: cosmetic care, slimming and other beauty industry

high advertisement cost, circulation fee…… Finally you see hundreds of thousands of imported cosmetics may be several times the cost. Beauty salons cosmetics profits are even more alarming, according to the survey, beauty salons sales of cosmetics mostly produced by small and medium enterprises, relying on agency sales. And proxy