Several hundred years of active Chinese market in China

in this curious and changeful business market, competition is particularly fierce, a shop can survive and thrive for decades and even quite good, flourished for hundred years that is a miracle. Here, Xiao Bian will take everyone to understand the active market in China has several hundred years old store.

was founded in 1663;

China domestic market coverage and market share have been the first peer, while products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions. Zhang Xiaoquan enjoys a high reputation and reputation at home and abroad, deeply trusted by consumers.

but incur peer false imitation, Zhang Xiaoquan is the difference between fake name scissors, in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty renamed "Zhang Xiaoquan scissors shop", in order to protect their own interests.

and it is said that emperor Qian Long’s southern tour, encounter Zhang Xiaoquan scissors and was selected as "tribute". The scissors fame, playing "Zhang Xiaoquan" brand for scissors, most population had reached 86, the emergence of the "green Ying Park, Koizumi filled the streets" of the event.

Moutai   founded in 1704

2001 Guizhou Moutai issue price of 31.39 yuan in the A-share market, and now the share price has nearly doubled A, the share price of nearly $250, and has been 50>