King Kong man investment waste processor broad market

how about King Kong garbage disposal? For women, is a very good family helper. For the small business franchisees, to join the King Kong garbage disposal project, is very business opportunities, very powerful choice. King Kong garbage processor to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

diamond man garbage processor are small, with convenient installation interface, can be directly installed in the kitchen sink, direct access to sewage pipe and hidden in the cupboard, King Kong man garbage processor does not affect the cabinet structure; AC and DC electric drive, the cutter speed reaches 2800 R / min, all kinds of food waste can be milled into foam, convenient fast; no edge, no maintenance and safe use; quick lock system connected with water tank, easy to install.

in China there are still 95% of households did not install the garbage processor, excluding some backward areas, there are about 250 million families will become loyal users Kong man! King Kong man garbage processor, just click the start button, vegetables, dry bones, husk and other garbage in seconds can be easily crushed by discharge recommendation three international authority, access to a number of international patents, everyone applauded


King Kong garbage processor with three point positioning adjustment bayonet, one can save installation time, simple and convenient. Two is to be more convenient and lower water pipe interface, increase the installation of fixed. In the course of use, the King Kong man garbage processor has an intelligent anti card function, to avoid grinding caused by the sewer pipe plug is not fine, so that garbage clean-up more thoroughly. And in the machine is equipped with automatic water leakage components, do not worry about the kitchen garbage in the process of grinding slurry overflow, dirty kitchen environment.

open a king of his own garbage disposal garbage shop, market opportunities are good. Easy to learn quickly, the best choice for small business. So good to join the project, do you still not echocardiography? Hurry up and move on!