Gift promotional gifts when maternal stores have what attention – the whole

now no matter what the industry’s business, in fact, need to carry out promotional activities. However, want to do a good job of promotion, naturally there are more attention. Among them, the gift of promotional gifts when there are a lot of things we need to pay attention to. So, when the mother and child store gifts promotional gifts what precautions? Let Xiaobian for you to resolve.

notes, gifts design Mo optional

some baby stores still exist on a wrong view, they think the promotional gifts, I send gifts to you when you take advantage of me, what I give to you, what you get, and also why! So they are always very dismissive of the design and planning of promotional gifts. This is the reason why we often see the same variety of key chains, nail clippers, paper frames in many promotions. If the gifts design and planning is too casual, it is very easy to cause serious consequences to send a gift.

gift design has a basic principle, that is, as far as possible to send gifts associated with the product, such as the purchase of milk powder to send a small bottle; buy diapers to send a small towel, etc.. This allows consumers to use these gifts at any time to produce a brand association. But there are some maternal stores took seriously, blind eyes send people to buy shampoo, he sent the key buckle, he sent people to buy clothes inserted penholder, you said you sent a small pair of socks this is good, at least it can give the baby to put together a set of above, then printed on your brand name, the is it not because there is no association shooting two birds with one stone, gifts, the things sent, when people had forgotten you away!

so we have to consider from the product features, functions and attributes of the brand, content and other aspects, to find out the product itself, brand appeal related gifts to gift. At the same time, we should pay attention to the value of gifts to the customer and the sense of practicality, the only way to be able to make the gift of an effective gift, the gift of the".

reminder: the gift and the product itself has intrinsic relevance is a promotional gifts to the iron rule, not related to gifts at!

note two, gifts should be easy to get

we know that customers are usually more or less have a psychological advantage, in the most People are hurrying to and fro. the store and customers are often in a hurry, but only can make customer stop is "something to send, free service" means. This is why we often hear in the store to attract customers is the opening of the "XX counter, do care free"; "buy send"; reason.

is the best gift for shopping, reduce the number of unnecessary links, for instance.