Dealing with customers to win more repeat customers

how to treat customers, different owners will have their own ideas, will naturally reflect different service concepts, and ultimately affect the number of customers in the store. We have a saying: "there in February two, the rise of the dragon, children and adults to shave." In the early morning of the 2th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, I came to a good barber shop with my husband. It is as expected, little store was crowded with customers waiting for a haircut.

at that time, the barber shop owner is a perm to a customer, possibly with a longer time, a customer waiting a bit anxious, he said to the boss: "boss, I’ll go to a meeting, can you give me a haircut? I did it on the line, very fast!" The boss smiled and said: "you do not worry. Well, you tell me when the meeting starts and the time it takes to get there. You worry, we can give you a "at least" hair, this is not only for you is not responsible for, does not meet the requirements of our store."

may be because too many people who cut a lot of customers, a little anxious, have a look very familiar with the boss the customer then advised him to say: "your hair is fast enough, the requirements are high, if the speed quick, the same time to one of several barber, can not earn some money?" After listening to the boss, still smiled and said: "which line ah! Here the customer basically are neighbors, if in order to earn some money and not with haircut, it would be unfair to everyone. For a long time, no one is willing to come!"

that reminds me of something else. There is a very good home in the city to sell stinky tofu shop, I went to the store every time it was found full of customers. Once, in the waiting process, a worried customers couldn’t help shouting: "hurry up! Turn up the fire and cook it quickly!" Fried Stinky tofu boss is neither fast nor slow said with a smile: "not ah! The big fire blew out the smell not urgent, slowly." The customer said: "you do not eat, anyway, the taste is too bad I can not taste it, nothing!" Upon hearing this, the boss said, "that’s no good. To do business, especially to eat, have to be careful, but also worthy of their own conscience!" In a word we all admire.

now how many business owners are only their own interests, and can not really treat customers. The two boss, then those who only consider their own interests and the interests of consumers regardless of the operator, is undoubtedly a resounding slap in the face. In fact, whether it is barber shops, food stores or cigarette retail stores, intentions are the basic principles of operation. Only the customer as their own people, care, in order to allow customers to feel your intentions, let customers remember your shop, which became the store patrons.