From today onwards on fire

from today, as the Xining City, the annual Spring Festival cultural activities will be the focus of the play on fire. In order to facilitate the public to watch and participate in folk cultural activities, this year the city will fire in the counties and urban areas shows dispersion performance.

in order to meet the needs of people folk cultural activities, to build the city’s Spring Festival cultural activities of the brand, in the premise of not affecting the life of the people, traffic, this year’s performance will not be concentrated on large-scale fire tour, but by the way of dispersion, fixed performances meet with the public, the rural town will pay New Year’s call fire one of the highlights. From February 17th (the beginning of the eight lunar month) to February 20th (eleven month), four outstanding Shehuo respectively in Taining square, Simon stadium, 54 West extension, biological park square performance. In addition, in order to allow people to fully appreciate the charm of traditional festivals, the first month of this year twelve to fourteen month, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Datong County will still take large-scale tour, a part of rural traditional Shehuo will be transferred into the city a large square, pay New Year’s call in Taining, the center square, sunning Plaza, Chaoyang Square etc. a small, decentralized form of tour performances, let people feel the unique charm of the local fire. (author: Ge Wenrong)