The league tournament won the most influential brand event Award

1 month 19 days, reporters from the Provincial Sports Bureau, 2016 wild way cycling annual billboard, through online voting, the authority of intense jury selection, and combined with the statistical data of wild way of nervous and orderly results officially released, the first tour of Qinghai Lake cycling League won the most influential amateur events brand ranking list fifth.

reporter learned that the selection of the list, the use of wild big data, industry leaders, industry media, a combination of public voting several ways, more authenticity, authority and participation. 2016 wild way cycling annual billboard has a total of 16 list, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau won the best amateur tournament organizers ten ranking fifth; Qinghai Lake bicycle League won the most influential amateur events brand ranking fifth.

2016 in the first round of the Qinghai Lake cycling League, a total of 5 races and one stop finals. Race across the southeast and southwest China, Chengdu division, Shanghai division, Wuxi division, Xiamen division, Guangzhou division. The finals is located in Haiyan County of Qinghai Province, the League amateur competition and take riding a combination of form, the participation threshold is low, radiation can be more people, inspire enthusiasm, effectively promote the national fitness.

at the same time, the reporter learned that, in 2017 the Qinghai Lake cycling League will be a new sail, the league is divided into 5 races, 1 finals, a total of 6 races. Season for March – July. The league is committed to providing a better quality competition and activity platform for the national bicycle enthusiasts, to create a division of ecological sports cards, promote the concept of national fitness. Boost the development of the surrounding industry, promote the development of cycling.

Province Sports Bureau responsible person, Qinghai Lake bicycle League is derived and supplement of the lake race brand, enhance brand value around the race and social benefits, to provide the best platform for the tournament the national amateur cyclist, helps to create a cycling culture atmosphere, provide a good platform for the city to participate in publicity, sharing results the development of Lake Race and the whole society.