The province’s overall land use planning adjustment and permanent basic farmland delimitation work c

8 19, 2009, the province held a master plan to adjust and improve the overall planning of the basic farmland and permanent work meeting, the deployment of related work. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out, to carry out basic farmland designated permanent and perfect adjustment of land use planning, is a major deployment of the country, for the foundation, strengthening national food security and optimize land use structure and layout, accelerate the supply side structural reform, plays an important role in promoting economic and social sustainable and healthy development. All regions and relevant departments must unify their thinking, enhance understanding, grasp the key, and do a solid job in the overall planning of land use adjustment and permanent basic farmland delimitation.

meeting the requirements to accurately grasp the working principle and the work key, correctly handle the relationship between planning and adjustment and improvement of basic farmland protection, and protect the red line of development, optimization of basic farmland and construction land layout, properly handle the relationship between city development and delineation of permanent basic farmland boundary, the delineation of ecological protection red, make relevant planning land use and coordination work of the overall plan, optimize land space layout, the implementation of the land policy to maintain pressure, improve the quality and efficiency of land use. Governments at all levels and relevant departments should attach great importance to strengthen cooperation, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, to ensure the completion of the task before the end of this year to complete the quality of the province’s economic development to provide more effective land security.