Xining City ndustrial and Commercial Bureau seized worth hundreds of million of counterfeit product

The evening of September 6th, Xining City West Branch Trade and industry department even bargain law enforcement officers in the west area of Shen Zhai town destroyed a large manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens, the scene seized various types of high-end wine worth 1 million 30 thousand yuan.

after nearly ten days of the months of waiting, even bargain division law enforcement officers finally in Shen Zhai Cun Shen Jia Zhai Zhen 5 lane houses, will purchase some of the suspects and the blending of counterfeit wines from the field caught. These were taken from the field to buy some fake high-grade wine, and wine with low hot field blending techniques such as Wuliangye, wantonly fraud and selling activities. From the field to buy fake wine because of fear away, will be split into small packaging, packaging, packaging boxes marked jelly cup, to escape the attention of law enforcement authorities. Found at the scene of the high-end wine wine, including Moutai Wuliangye, Shuijingfang and other 9 varieties, 336 pieces of high-grade counterfeit wines, involving up to 1 million 30 thousand yuan. This is the Provincial Department of industry and Commerce recently seized a large manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens, as the Mid Autumn Festival, eleven two coming again ready to concoct molecular business sector law enforcement officers, to remind consumers in the purchase of wine, must keep their eyes open, found that counterfeit wines can be reported to the Department of industry and commerce. (author: Xiao Shu)