How to draw housing accumulation fund

province of Qinghai province housing fund management center and Xining housing provident fund management center, the current introduction of the housing fund management center in Xining, the way employees account withdrawal.


1 employees to carry out the relevant application materials to the unit, the unit audit reconciliation, fill out the "Xining area housing accumulation fund extraction transfer approval form" and seal;

2 employees (units) with relevant certificates and fill out the form to the Xining housing provident fund management center for approval;

3 Center for approval after the printing of the "Xining area workers housing accumulation fund application form" and seal;

4 employees (units) to hold the application to the provident fund account bank transfer procedures.

The data required for

: in addition to fill in the Xining area of employee housing provident fund transfer approval form, to carry identity cards (such as the agent, the other agents need to provide the original and copy of ID card), is required to provide the originals and photocopies of the following materials:

1 purchase of self occupied housing units in addition to the name, account number, bank account, also need to provide:

purchase of commercial housing: the real estate sector registration of commercial housing sales contracts, the first payment receipt;

purchase of second-hand housing: Housing sales contracts, the transfer of housing ownership, purchase transfer contract invoices.

2 to repay the principal and interest of housing loans need to provide:

in the Xining central provident fund loans: current repayment details;

the other center loans or commercial loans, housing loan contract, the recent repayment details, commercial housing sales contracts (or "financing housing agreement" or the sale of housing contracts and other second-hand housing related documents).

3 retirement, retirement need to provide:

from the (back) to stop the card or retirement approval;

personal account, bank account.

housing provident fund withdrawal location: the Yellow River Road 23 Xining housing provident fund management center business services.


if you need to extract the spouse of the provident fund, should also provide a marriage certificate and a copy of the original;

of all the above materials copy copy on A4 paper;

second generation ID card copy of both sides on the same side.

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