Gio de Maja pointed out that the focus of innovation in Xining grassroots cultural construction of n

March 27th morning, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Gio de Maja depth Xining City West District, Taiwan, Taiwan, the streets of the sea Yan Road community, north of the city of Zhu Bei Village, on the grass-roots cultural construction, etc..

research, Gio de Maja pointed out, vividly publicizing the socialist core values, establish the main body value, in the pursuit of material basis for development at the same time, improve the quality of the masses in the spiritual realm, is a new requirement for propaganda and ideological innovation. The focus of cultural construction is to go down, the grass-roots cultural construction, it is necessary to penetrate into the blood as the nerve endings in every corner of the city. Xining in the city’s cultural construction and cultural construction of the grassroots people on the way to find a good way, such as the people preaching mission is a good try. In recent years, the province selected the Qinghai good in most of the focus in Xining, which led the province’s spiritual civilization, promote the socialist core values and other aspects played a very good role in leading.

Gio de Maja stressed that the province’s cultural and cultural aspects of the hardware and software there is still a big gap, but also need to make great efforts in the field of propaganda. According to the research results, the primary sector reference opinions and suggestions, to improve other aspects of improvement, in the propaganda front construction, explore a new way of innovation culture construction combined with the cultural life of the masses. (author: Xiao Shu)