North of the city to build the city to re deploy the work of inspection

one to strengthen the urban environment remediation. Increase the city entrance, primary and secondary roads, farmers market, construction sites and other comprehensive remediation efforts, efforts to solve the Jeeves, Luantingluanfang, health corners and other "resurgence" phenomenon. To implement a comprehensive inspection "in front of three, rectification door, outdoor advertising, repair bins and other public facilities, inspectors to request inspections, to strengthen institutions, banks, shopping malls, supermarkets and other supervision, standard induction behavior, enhance service awareness, improve the complaints processor system, the implementation of civilized language services, to ensure the full compliance service specification. Strengthen the maintenance and management of urban public infrastructure, roads, streets and alleys to ensure infrastructure functions intact, to prevent dust and muck heaps with chaos. Actively coordinating municipal relevant units, including roads, street lights, manhole cover, wire, plate, guardrail, various public graphic signs and traffic signs and billboards, email, telephone, bus stop, billboards, public seats and other public facilities for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.