Xining wild zoo snow leopard couple moved to Ji’nan

December 10th, the Xining wild zoo snow leopard couple and the girl took the lucky horse Ji’nan wild animal world of the special car, to settle in Ji’nan. Expected 12 pm, they can stay in the new luxury".

according to the Ji’nan Paomaling wild animal world spokesman Ma Juan introduced, in order to meet the "Diva", from the beginning of last year, the zoo will start building the "villa" for them, a building area of more than and 200 square meters, with a bedroom, living room, swimming pool, activity room etc.. Snow leopard couple in the new house was completed in mid November.

Ji’nan Ma Ling wild animal world for the faint and girl with two full-time nanny". The two breeder six months in advance of the snow leopard to receive professional training, they will be waiting for the 24 hours of the star couple". At the same time, the zoo also has a little girl with a veterinarian, all-weather around them, so that they live in a healthy and happy life in Ji’nan. In a word, the park is the highest standard of hospitality to them, and costly packaging, planned for the Spring Festival next year to the grand launch of the domestic and foreign tourists to the star couple".

Xining wild zoo snow leopard breeder Li Guoxing said, light three years old this year, Niuniu this year, age of four. Both of them were not able to find their way home when they were young. At present, this pair of prime age snow leopard lovers have fallen into love, is a typical love".

zoo in Ji’nan, Xining, two sisters zoo

December 10th, Xining wild zoo "garden people" have their good deeds to the now singing, now dancing, this day, in their "high-grade residential", Ji’nan Paomaling wild animal world and Xining wild zoo sister zoo signing ceremony was held!

Ji’nan Municipal Gardens Bureau, a responsible person told the reporter, Ji’nan Paomaling wild animal world in the mountainous area of southern Ji’nan, opened in September 26, 1999, the park is divided into walking sightseeing area, forest recreation area, herbivore area, beast area and comprehensive service district and animal breeding center six area, stocked with all kinds of animal 150 more than, more than 10000 (only), the park has the Sea Lion Pavilion, kangaroo garden, swimming hall, crocodile lake, elephant Bay and other tourist attractions hundredthe is a collection of animal science education, tourism, landscape art, entertainment and leisure in one of the theme of the zoo.

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Xining City Forestry Bureau, Xining wildlife zoo covers an area of 1500 acres, is now on display more than 180 animal species, more than 3000 (only), including the Przewalski’s gazelle, white lipped deer, black necked cranes endemic to Qinghai Tibetan Plateau animal, also have giraffe, Northeast tigers, crocodiles and other foreign visitors. Xining wild animal park is the only large-scale integrated wildlife park on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It is also a national 4A scenic spot which integrates wildlife conservation, conservation, scientific research, breeding and popular science education.

Qinghai is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with unique geographical and climatic conditions;