Xining to spend nearly 200 million yuan to update the old bus more than and 600

Xining last year after a wide range of updates to the bus, this year will invest nearly 200 million yuan of funds to continue to update the remaining more than and 600 old buses.

currently a total of 1648 bus companies in Xining bus, belonging to the extended service vehicles in the 80%. City bus company operates 46 bus lines, the formation of East yanggouwan, South to the south, West to the city hall, bus lines to the North Garden pattern, each city bus company nearly 300 million passengers in passenger traffic. Vehicle aging causes a high failure rate, failure can not be put into operation, which is part of the reason for the difficulty of part of the line bus." Last year, the city implemented the largest vehicle updates in the history of public transportation, the government invested 100 million yuan to update the 407 buses, after the renovation of the bus let a person shine. Although some bus lines were updated, but the city is still half of the bus in the aging state. In order to completely reverse this phenomenon, the city will invest 190 million yuan this year to update the bus, including the double decker buses in the city of 10. It is understood that the renewal of the bus will be updated last year and the model is basically consistent.

it is understood that in recent years, the municipal government to increase public transport investment, promote the bus priority strategies, to better protect public safety travel, the municipal government will use two years of time, the implementation of a comprehensive update of the city running more than 8 years of age more than 1000 buses, and from 2014 onwards, the city’s public transportation vehicles update into a virtuous cycle. This year’s updated bus is expected to be put into use in May. (author: Zhao Linsong)