Bathroom accessories list of the top ten brands

bathroom is now a very important aspect, countless families in to life more high-end bathroom accessories, actually also need quality can guarantee, which requires full understanding of bathroom accessories market. Here, the small series to introduce bathroom accessories ten brands list, so as to give consumers a better choice of reference.

with the development of bathroom, more and more people are beginning to focus on bathroom products. Bathroom products are important, but do not ignore the bathroom accessories ah, after all, bathroom accessories, but the bathroom is an important component of the suite, the quality is good or bad is also related to the overall use of it. So, do you want to know bathroom accessories ten brands ranking? Let’s take a look at it.

bathroom accessories list of the top ten brands: Watts plumbing

List the reasons: the United States

Watts water industry group was founded in 1874, is the world’s leading innovative aquatic products manufacturers and service providers, are concentrated in the commercial and residential water use, water recycling and water supply and drainage, HVAC and gas and water quality control in four areas of application, entitled "valve standards setters" reputation.

bathroom accessories ten brand rankings: two Weidiya bathroom

on the list of reasons: as the world’s leading, Asia’s largest bathroom accessories to solve the experts, WDI aims to provide the world’s bathroom enterprises and ordinary consumers with first-class bathroom accessories products and services. At present, our products mainly include the water tank fittings (inlet / drain valve), the cover plate (including flush cover), hidden installation system, wrench, buttons, panels, hanging tanks and other fields. Over the years, Weidiya always adhere to the product of independent research and development, has received 300 domestic and foreign patents, product quality and innovation capabilities have reached the international advanced level, customers all over the world.

bathroom accessories ten brand rankings: three Salus

list of reasons: Xiamen ruierte sanitary Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise development, dedicated to the conservation of global water resources sanitary products production and sales. The company mainly produces bathroom products, including water-saving flushing component, slow down flat, quiet hidden water tank, water tank, hanging induction products, intelligent cover etc., products are mainly used in the family residence, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, shopping malls, office buildings and other buildings in the bathroom facilities.

bathroom accessories ten brand rankings: four Feishite bathroom

list of reasons: the first group, from the "reach", founded in 1992, is located in the East China Sea coast of Yuhuan electromechanical Industrial Zone, from the start, "only high-quality" concept.