Reasonable layout of Qinghai province The Belt and Road construction of logistics nodes

Reporter recently learned from the provincial Commission by letter, I will focus on The Belt and Road construction, reasonable layout "The Belt and Road" logistics node, and start to Xining, Haidong, Haixi as the center, through connections with neighboring countries, the western provinces and the developed area of our country fast flow channel, expand the influence of Qinghai logistics in Silk Road Economic Belt region.

in the country "The Belt and Road construction, our province will start in Xining, Haidong, Haixi as the center, through connecting with neighboring countries fast track logistics in western provinces and the economically developed coastal areas in china. Focus on supporting the construction of the 3 strategic logistics nodes, namely, Xining, the East Sea city, Golmud. Key support level node city 6, including the "new Silk Road Economic Belt" to determine the national logistics nodes in Xining City, the regional logistics node city peace and Golmud, with regional radiation and service capabilities of the hub city of Xunhua, Datong and Delingha.

will further promote the free trade zone and customs clearance and construction, and gradually expand the implementation of international logistics; to develop cross-border e-commerce logistics, promote the rapid development of emerging trade; intensify policy support in the implementation of the The Belt and Road "strategy to give logistics enterprises in tax cuts, infrastructure, equipment and other aspects of human tilt support.