Re take the exam way to accept the traditional education to stimulate Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is no shortcut, hard entrepreneurial spirit is that every entrepreneur should learn to go, even if the current entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, but also can not ignore the difficulty of entrepreneurship!

in March 23rd, Mao Zedong and other proletarian revolutionaries "Beijing" on the occasion of the upcoming City Administration in March 18th the organization Bureau leadership team members and Party branch secretary of the Party branch, more than and 40 people went to the other places to visit and study, the memory of glorious achievements the older generation of revolutionaries, accept the traditional education, stimulate entrepreneurship as the work enthusiasm and go.

Chongzou "exam", is the most important content of the bureau is currently being carried out in depth of "loyalty, hard work, careful play," educational activities, is the glorious tradition of education of all Party members and cadres to work hard to maintain, modest and prudent and free from arrogance and impetuosity, adherence to Party discipline, dedication, hard work, and strive to provide excellent logistics services for the municipal government organs.

with entrepreneurial ability also can not forget the entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of time doesn’t mean everything. A person’s quality can determine how far he can go, then, you have the entrepreneurial spirit!



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