Five of today’s wealth pattern to create wealth Heroes

entrepreneurs who want to be successful, this is the biggest wish of every entrepreneur, but many people rely on success is not the same. The following close range to analyze some successful models of success.

now people can make money by the society is recognized as a hero, but also has a special name, called "the heroes of wealth". The hero does not ask age, young and can get rich should be sought after. Wealth path, their wealth pattern is undoubtedly the most concern in the world. Here we select a few analysis.

exchange policyWhen the

cooperation is gold

1992 years to 100 thousand yuan started Guangxin evolved into today’s star, has become a company of dinosaurs. It is said that when only about 100 thousand yuan, but also with others. Started from the security identification instrument of capital yu-xiaoqun began with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yan Qianlong Southern new technology industry group, accumulated about 3000000 yuan of capital for eastwood.

knowledge wealth

in a transparent market gradually, the difference between success and failure is usually caused by knowledge. The speed of reaction to new knowledge is essential. The head of the Department of Yan Xiaoqun Eastwood is the use of electronic technology expertise he learned to grasp the business opportunities identification instrument.

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