Yiwu to implement the policy of OSRAM lighting products into a bright spot

in Zhejiang Jinhua Yiwu City, will be introduced to "accelerate the development of Zhejiang local private multinational corporations three year action plan (2017-2019)", is conducive to promoting the development of the state-owned enterprises, to accelerate the development of Zhejiang local private multinational corporations, promote the development of open higher level economy.

2 month 14 days, good news came in the Yiwu Industrial Park Management Committee, the Committee on foreign investment in the United States and the German Ministry of economic affairs have approved the sale of OSRAM lighting business to Chinese consortium. So far, which lasted more than a year, cited many domestic enterprises to participate in the bidding of the world’s lighting giant OSRAM M & A official landing. This acquisition for the relevant regulatory authorities to complete the final approval. After the completion of the acquisition, OSRAM lighting products will be manufactured in Yiwu industrial park.

this is only the latest case of two Zhejiang enterprises to internationalization. More and more private companies in Zhejiang are actively advancing in the international arena, to the world about the global story of a good company in Zhejiang.

more encouraging news is that Zhejiang province has been in the days before the formal introduction of "accelerating the development of Zhejiang local private multinational corporations three year action plan (2017-2019)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). News from the Provincial Department of Commerce said that the list of the first batch of private multinational companies in Zhejiang is expected to be announced at the end of this year.

Jinhua Yiwu this initiative, so that people feel the implementation of the plan to go out of Zhejiang, but also to create a number of programs to promote the economic development of enterprises, it is worthy of full attention. Provincial Department of commerce also hopes to use the opportunity of the action plan, to be guided from the policy level, to create a favorable environment for them to build a supporting public service platform.

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