The name infringement payment amount

people with legal knowledge more and more profound, all kinds of infringement event are likely to receive sanctions, therefore, whether it is to shop name, or in the business process of the shop, we all need to pay attention to the tort related knowledge, otherwise, once the formation of infringement, the amount is not small.

online impersonation shop name, the name of others as the network store clothing to link keywords, near the famous". Today, the Provincial Higher People’s Court of Shandong announced in 2012 ten cases of intellectual property, the opportunist was sentenced to pay 300 thousand yuan.

the Shanghai Ping Trading Company (hereinafter referred to as apple bean bean company) in Taobao registered the name for the pink doll (exquisite woman taste of life) shops, specialized sales of women’s brand, the long-term business promotion, its brand women have higher visibility in the network. Wei Qingmin of Shandong without permission, "pink doll with" as the network store link keywords, and the use of Apple bean clothing company promotional pictures selling imitation pink doll brand clothing. Apple bean company believes that Wei Qingmin’s actions constitute unfair competition, request the court to order Wei Qingmin to immediately stop the infringement and compensation for economic loss of 1 million yuan.

Wei Qingmin, the court held that, at lower prices a large number of sales of counterfeit Apple bean company clothing, with obvious "Pong brand", "free rider" deliberately, constitute unfair competition, Wei Qingmin finally decided to stop infringement and compensation for economic loss of 300 thousand yuan.

provincial court Intellectual Property Tribunal Yu Yu said that this case has guiding significance in dealing with the new type of electronic commerce environment in the case of unfair competition. In this case, it is very important to standardize the behavior of e-commerce, to create a fair and fair market competition environment, and to maintain the normal market order.

today’s press conference also announced another 9 cases of intellectual property rights. They are: the plaintiff Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd accused the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone PHILPS home appliance Co., Sanlian company Limited by Share Ltd Ji’nan branch office appliance case; the plaintiff crocodile Co. v. Qingdao Rui Tian Garments Co. Ltd. for trademark infringement; the plaintiff Haimen dawn lighting appliance Co. Ltd. v. Qingdao Wright Electric Co., the defendant for trademark infringement; the study of marine Chinese Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zheng Shouyi accused Liu Junqian, Malata Laizhou City Stone Industry Co., Ltd and Yantai Environmental Art Management Office copyright infringement case etc..

Zhang Xiaoyan plaintiff defendant Lei Xian and other copyright infringement; the Shandong Cummins Generator Co. v. Shandong Huali electromechanical Co. Ltd., the Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., unfair competition case; the plaintiff Lee accused the cloning and expression of Shandong yijiale real estate brokerage consulting Co., case; the defendant Zhang Qianfei Zheng Suqiu, the sale of counterfeit trademark the goods of criminal "