How to grasp the consumer psychology

shop to do business, in the face of even a customer, if the customer’s psychology can not grasp, want to promote the formation of the business will naturally face more problems. However, after all, people across the belly, the psychology of others, we can not have a good grasp of the nature, but can be figured out, you see, is of great help for the operation of shops will.

first, grasp the consumer motivation. Customers are different, each has its own characteristics and preferences, their motivation is not the same. For high-end cigarette consumers, they may be motivated by the pursuit of the pursuit of high-grade cigarettes brought about by the enjoyment of taste and social needs. For the middle and low cigarette consumers, smoking is often a consumer habit for them. Therefore, what brand of cigarettes will become a habit.

secondly, to meet the different needs of customers. Understand the customer’s situation in order to better meet their needs. For customers with strong economic strength, they can communicate with their brands when they buy cigarettes. However, in the exchange should not talk, let them feel that you are also a profound understanding of this, so that they have a sense of identity, thereby increasing the goodwill of the brand. For customers with weak economic strength, we should consider the economic affordability of customers in the consumption, and avoid introducing cigarettes that do not meet their psychological needs.

finally, the customer is god. Only to research on customer segmentation, in-depth understanding of them, can be targeted.

as a shopkeeper, if the customer is not familiar with the slightest, but also for the customer’s psychology is not able to master, so the owner of the shop for the development of the business is not likely to help. So, if you want a successful operation of the store, but also need a lot from the customer’s point of view, so as to get a higher recognition.